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Free Media Stuff (written word)
Project Gutenberg: lots and lots (20,000-ish) of free downloadable books. I am contantly amazed at what is available here.
Internet Archive: The Internet Archive is a gigantic library of cultural artifacts in digital form. music, film, books, images, and even archives of old websites are here!
Internet Sacred Text Archive a gigantic collection of texts held sacred by world religions. A fascinating read!

Free Media Stuff (audio)
In the Field: My favorite radio program, on WXRW LP-FM in Milwaukee on Saturday nights, all field recordings, all the time.
In the Field archives...episodes from 4/18/15 to 3/25/17 are available at the link above.
...episodes from 1/27/17 to 5/20/17: here.
...episodes from 5/27/17 and later: here.
Negativland's Over The Edge radio show archive: 941 3 (or 5) hour episodes.

utilities for making the internet (and/or world) less annoying, one website at a time... well-researched debunking of all that stuff people keep sending you emails about.
The Straight Dope "Fighting ignorance since 1973 (It's taking longer than we thought!)", yep. Very entertaining and informative.

electronics suppliers, surplus and otherwise
The Electronic Goldmine surplus electrical/electronic/mechanical/other components. some of this is pretty arcane. some of its a little pricey, but it'd be tough to find some of this stuff elsewhere.
Alltronics all kinds of good stuff. decent prices, too.
All Electronics surplus components, lots of it. I've started looking here before anywhere else.
Parts Express Kind of reminds me of looking at a Radio Shack catalog from the early 80's--specializing in audio gear/parts. Between Parts Express and All Electronics, I've been able to pick up all the stuff I used to get at Radio Shack (inline jacks, battery clips, solder, solder wick, IC sockets, etc) for considerably cheaper.
Marlon P. Jones & Associates kits, some electronic components, but mostly larger building blocks, like power supplies and test equipment.
BG Micro kits and components. seems to carry a lot of the same stuff as mpja. good prices.
American Science and Surplus surplus electronic components, lab gear, telescopes, kits of all types. I'm lucky to actually have an AS&S store in town here, but much like the online version, its usually not good to go here looking for a specific item. But for browsing purposes, its fantastic. A 10-pak of UV-reactive plastic spiders for $2? Right on!
Small Bear Electronics lots of really hard to find electronics, mostly geared toward guitar effects components. I don't know where they find this stuff, cuz a lot of it isn't being made anymore.
Mouser one of the big dogs of electronics supply. good stuff, great prices, good customer support. There's almost TOO MUCH stuff here, which tends to complicate ordering stuff.
Digikey if Mouser doesn't have it, look here. *slightly* pricier than Mouser, but just as good re: selection and customer support.
Jameco my profs seemed to prefer Jameco to mouser and digikey, for some reason. good selection, usually pricier than the other two.

EE Tools
Filter Design and Analysis notes and calculators for designing a myriad of different filter topologies. Fantastic stuff.
Gyrator Filter Calculator good tool for designing gyrators (simulated inductors using caps,resistors, and an active buffering device) for use in Band Pass Filters.

Synth DIY stuff
Cat Girl Synth Ken Stone designs really great modules, from "building block" type stuff like power supplies, VCAs, and LFOs all the way up to Super Psycho LFOs and Bi-N-Tic Filters. He does a good job of explaining how they work, and also sells high-quality PCBs.
Music From Outer Space Ray Wilson designed and sold (PCB for) the awesome "Sound Lab", an all-in-one, easy to build complete synthesizer. Also available: 1V/Octave keyboard driver, various filters, and the nifty "Noise Cornucopia"!
Synth DIY with PIC microprocessors Tom Wiltshire's well documented ADSR and LFO projects, both built around the cheap but powerful PIC16F684 chip. I'm sorta surprised there isn't more of this sort of thing going on. Maybe I should get on that.
PAIA Electronics Synth, and musical in general, DIY starts here. Very high Bang/Buck ratio. I learned how to solder by putting together PAIA's Fatman, 9700 series modular, and Vocoder kits (all of which are in this picture)...
The Electronic Peasant A site dedicated to building cool synth gear out of recycled junk. I've been a fan since I stumbled upon his ribbon controller project, simple enough that *i* could build it. and now doug blows my mind with his new banjo controller project! Holy Smokes!

weirdo web experiments
Luddite Centipede: even tho i never finished it, it never goes away. a crude but effective simulation of the arcade classic, i wrote it in javascript using text as graphics so anyone could play it, no matter what kind of machine they had. of course, everyone said it was "ugly and too hard to play", and it set fire to the first Mac it was tested on.
Buddha and the Seven Ascended Masters vs. Godzilla: dammit, this movie DOES exist, even if wikipedia doesn't believe it...that link is a .gif of a screen grab of a .pdf of the original wiki article.

Collected Field Recordings (mine and others)
Wheat Field (not mine)
Colbeck Labs Field Recordings