SPPY We used to theorize about a collective unconscious, but now that we have these Artificial Intelligence text-to-image things that are trained by consuming cultural artifacts, we sort of DO have a collective unconscious that anyone can tap into...I was a big fan of Antonio Prohias' Spy vs Spy comic, so I asked one of the AIs to draw me an unknown Spy vs Spy comic. Apparently Stable Diffusion never read Mad magazine, as this is what it came up with. Still, I thought the results were interesting enough that I made a 44 page comic book from the results. I composed some "music" to go along with it, using some of my Artificial Unintelligent software, which worked out OK. Part of this project was to use up the last cache of 3-inch CDRs I had laying around. I'll keep printing them as long as I haven't exhausted the CDR supply, so check HERE if you’d like to pick up a copy.

Device for Fucking Up Tiki Records
(2) Paia Phono Preamps//Crossfader-Mixer//CGS Ring Modulator//CGS Digital Reverb//Colbeck Labs Fake Ring Modulator

what dan did
An Audio 'A Humument'
I was completely ignorant of Tom Phillips’s work, especially his treated Victorian novel “A Humument” until clued in recently by @ineluctablemodalityofthvisible … Phillips had acquired this forgotten novel for a dime at a thrift store in 1965, and by painting over most of the words on every page, uncovered a “hidden” story (see exhibits B and C, here) that was more interesting than the original.
what dan did what dan did At any rate, I was fascinated by this idea, and wondered what it would sound like if the concept were applied to audio material. Wrote a program to display a .wav file graphically, stretched out sort of like a musical score. The program does a rough approximation of selecting bits of “text” and connecting them the way Phillips did it. In Exhibit A, the blue waveform is the original audio, the green waveform at the bottom shows the result of sticking all the purple samples together. It sort of works—see here and here.