Hi, my name is Ian. I'm an artist and I make interactive kinetic sound sculptures.


I make stuff that makes noise, moves and you can play with.

I did six years at Columbia College where I spent exponentially more time
taking the classes I wanted to instead of the ones I supposed to be taking.

My SDIY adventures actually started with an electric guitar in a sculpture class.
It was an insane sort of thing to try and build in 5 weeks, but I did it
with a lot of overtime and some help from Dave Dolak.
I ended up taking his Physics of Music class and then an Intro to Electronics
class and then I started building little noise making circuits.

And one day when I was peering around the interweb for vintage amplifier stuff, I found
Ray Wilson's site. yeah. I was hooked from there on out.

The few synth circuits that I've completed include two Ray Wilson WSGs, A SoundLab
and a heavilly modified Noise Conucopia that features a state variable filter and
a section of six droning oscillators... The Noisey Bug.

more bio later...

There's no place like home...