Here it is. I said some time ago on the SDIY
list that I was going to draw up a schematic
for a pseudo-random tone generator.

What I have here is a schematic that I did in Eagle:

I've updated the schematic to include some changes I've been
taling about with some of the guys on the SDIY mailing list:
Pseudo-random Tone Generator

I plan on adding more to this. I have a rough sketch of a board in Eagle
and a few other things I can add... and of course, I'll be adding
project updates like build photos and sound samples.

Here are links to the two projects that spawned this
little module:

Old Project

Newer Project

blah blah blah copyright thing:
Really, there shouldn't be a need for this, but
stuff happens. Files posted here are for personal use only
which means you can take them and do what you want with them
a long as you don't sell it. Or if you really get the itch to
flatter me and include some of my work in something you plan
on selling, contact me first.


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