envelope transient generator


Basically the Envelope Transient Generator as given by Bernie Hutchins in Electronotes #86

It is a work in progress and my intention is that the final design will be quite different to the original.

At the moment, the only real differences are; i used a 'vactrol' instead of a 3080 based VCA on one of the feedback paths, a LM13700 for the OTA

and the feedback path can be switched to travel thru a nonlinear subcircuit.

This NL subcircuit 'works' but its effect is subtle and needs to be refined (not shown in the schematic, see J. Sprott's chaos designs for ideas).

This is a strange EG, really it is a very low freq filter, the pots do not always do what you expect and the output is usually not typical adsr or even att-rel.

So i like it.

Transient Generator schematic