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Sometimes I have PCBs for sale or complete panels full of analogue joy.
Details will be on my blog -


Analog Synth Japan



Deviant Synth

All great forums for synth diy and modulars, can find me on e-m & muff as andrewF

Synth companies - I've never actually bought any synth modules, but if I did it would be from these fine vendors (UPDATE: april 2011 see LZX below):

Equinox OZ - synth module supplier in Australia!!!

Metasonix - tube synths & modules


Elby designs

Metalbox - CGS designs ready made

Bridechamber - great range of unusual modules and PCBs

MagicSmoke - Source of Thomas Henry modules, books and PCBs


After years of solid DIY I have ordered the two core video synth modules from LZX.
They can be used as the foundation of a large modular video synthesizer.
The guys at LZX know their stuff and have come up with a great and growing range of video synthesis modules.

By no means an exhaustive list, plenty more module manufacturers out there.

PCBs: If you haven't figured it out yet I like CGS designs.

CGS synth (Ken Stone)

Chaos - have a good hunt around J. Sprotts pages, plenty of info

- Sprott -

- Ian Fritz - - Maybe the 1st person to design chaos circuits specifically for synths.

Click to join chaos_in_synths

Click to join chaos_in_synths

- A Yahoo group for sharing, developing and discussing chaotic circuits to be used in synthesizers.

Tube synths - A good starting point is the CGS homepage, also

Click to join tubesynthdiy

Click to join tubesynthdiy

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