This synth is specifically for live use, it just needs trigger or gate signals to sync it with whatever else is going on. The main control section was originally cloned from the Syncussion SY-1, but the available schematic was illegible in parts and guesstimating didn't work out. So the final versions had simplified trigger/gate inputs and chips for the S&H sections. Functionally the same as the SY-1s but internally quite different. The pots are mounted on the PCBs as seen in the pic. Other sections of this synth will be two 292LPGs, two PT2399 Delays, a stereo mixer/panner, two basic VCOs and a SN76477 noisemaker.

Low Pass Gates from Fonitronic
Vactrols? we don't need no sti..etc.....A cosy Takeda campfire

Dual PT2399 delay

sample waveforms from PT2399 delay

dual V/Hz VCO/mixer/panner/headphone chance of crosstalk...probably

SN76477 darkstar

front panel from P/shop

panel mounted on half a dead PC cabinet, so far so good.

As you can see i'm pretty retentive when it comes to careful wire-routing and general neatness

gettin' there

done - ended up replacing an LPG with a modded Q&D filter.
The SN76477 cct is fed to a vibrato/wah/distortion effect (davros), just to make it even noisier. Power comes from a 12VAC wallwart with regulators/caps etc inside the case.