12/2006 I gave Pinky something of a makeover, the tube VCAs were replaced with CGS/Schmitz VCAs, a CGS Analog Shift Register, CGS Wavetable with Numitron display, Harry's Morph Lag and a new external power supply.
The other modules include (CGS) gated sequencer with CV and preset add-ons, steiner VCF, digital noise, psycho LFO, super psycho LFO, DC mixer, bandpass filter, Paia tubehead pre-amp, Paia dual VCO/AR, a protoype EG and a joystick.
There was another noise/filter device but it has been removed and will be replaced with another VCO. If you have never seen Ken Stone's CGS synth site and want to know more - **CGS SYNTH**

The 'new' power supply is on the right. The old one was inside Pinky's right thigh, but I needed the space and more amps.

and you thought pinky was a girl... CGS gate sequencer with CV add-on
CGS super psych lfo, joystick

It is getting pretty packed inside and panel space is limited.

dawn - post drilling frenzy