Here is a real quick page with pictures of the Alpha RV16 50KB, 50% Tap, Ctr Detent potentiometer I am planning to purchase a quantity of. Picture-wise you get large below and huge if you click on it.

The Center Detent is *not* easily removable as it has been on other Alpha pots. If you don't want a center detent, you probably don't want these pots. If there is need for another thousand pots without center detent, well, we can hook that up too.

The plan at this time is I will be contacting a few people who were interested in larger quantities of these and if this looks good I will work out getting the order placed. Once the parts arrive ( 12week estimated lead time ) I will fullfill the large orders and then set up a simple shopping cart for the people who want 1 or 2 or 10. The initial price will be 80cents each plus shipping. After a month or so I will switch to a quantity-based pricing structure as at that point I'll be looking at sitting on whatever is left for a while but I want to make sure that the people interested in these right off the bat get the initial promised price.

Tom Arnold /