This synth uses discarded library shelves as panels. Laid out in 70s Serge style of 1" spacing. Each panel is the equivalent of 4 Serge panels. Modules include (not all finished 19/2/11):
CGS VCO & sub Osc, Takeda Farm VCO, two CGS Wavetables, 4 DUSGs,
3 CGS mixers, 1 CV Processor, CGS Infinite Melody, trigger controlled SD card recorder/sample player,
triple Chua chaos generator, Ian Fritz Chaotica, S&H based chaos generator, 2 CGS VCAs,
Q&D VCF, EN Cross Product Harmonic generator, 3 JH Living VCOs, Var-BW VCF,
VCFQ, CGS CV Cluster, Serge 10 stage sequencer, Serge Peak & Trough,
bindubba1, bindubba3, bindubba4, bindubba5,
Wogglebug, CGS Master Divider, CGS twin CMOS VCF, Buchla 292 LPG,
two serge Envelope generators, CGS dual Utility Envelope generators, two PT2395 delays, two Zeitgeist delays,
2 Serge gates, Ian Fritz TGTSH, Quantiser and an external power supply.

Some samples of the SD card player/recorder in action (all MP3s are on threads at muffwiggler):

Japanese trad samples


TR909 hits

Triple chua board - see vid for a listen

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