Guess this is finished, went with the MFOS VCAs seeing I had plenty of LM13700s rusting away. Built 4 on a single vero-board.
I made some dodgy single wire patchcords just for using with this synth, all modules are grounded together. Nearly all of my regular patchcords are 1.5m, which is a bit much for such a small synth.

A synth based around the Electro-Music Klee sequencer and other boards that have become available to the community at Electro-Music.

Most of the boards are stuffed, panel done. The panel was an old mixer so I didn't have to cut slots for the sliders (nor buy sliders) It meant pot mounting and jacks were separate, usually I prefer to group panel controls by function...

Modules - EM Klee, Thomas Henry's SN Voice & Supercontroller, 2 cloned Buchla 281 EGs, CGS Bi-n-tic filter, 2 Wasp filter clones (thanks to JH and Fonik), 4 VCAs -undecided....probably something from Electronotes or CGS, CGS DC Mixer.

The heavy duty switches for the Klee were a bargain, but so large they had to be mounted on an angle. The other switches are from old lab gear...bakelite even!

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