1/2010 Many PCBs/circuits are from Ken Stone at CGS. The exceptions are the Jim Patchell Vocal Filter and the 20 stage digital programmer by yours truly. The remaining set of 8X8 switches are for programmable gate outs from the Milton sequencer. Never bothered counting up all the modules, something like 11 CGS48 VCOs, 3 CGS59 Programmers, 2 Bi-n-tic filters, about 10 mixers of various types, 8 VCAs, Matrix Mixer, Weighted Random Switch, Analogue Switch Matrix and pretty much at least one of everything else ....and joystick, reverb tank, Touch keyboard/switch, early Serge stuff - Peak&Trough, Neg Slew, etc. 2/2014 Posted another 30 photos of this modular on my nonlinearcircuits blog (click to go there)(this site has run out of space)

The wood is from the side of the road, some of the panels, frames, 28X8 matrix of push switches and most of the pots came from a huge old 70s Poul Kirk Electronics studio mixer (now known as Elan Audio). The mixer had been pushed out of a 2nd floor window when the studio went bust.

20 stage binary sequencer

Milton sequencer

dual Res EQ, Touch controller, Stereo mixer, Programmer, 4 VCAs, 10 stage sequencer, Phaser, triple waveshaper, Bidi Switch, Noise (all Serge), Joystick, Reverb (from an old organ)

Milton, 20 stage binary sequencer, CGS VCO, triple Wave shaper, two Negative Slews, two Positive Slews, Envelope Generator, Peak & Trough, DUSG.

Patchell Vocal filter, three early Serge VCFs, CGS VCO, dual CGS bi-n-tic filters, 4 CGS VCAs, CGS Gated Comparator, triple Waveshaper, CGS VC Divider, CGS Pulse divider, CGS Boolean Logic, Serge VC Comparator, VCFQ, DUSG, Strange dual 8 stage sequencer, triple Waveshaper, dual mixer, etc.

More of the same! Also CGS Random switch, CGS Analogue Switch Matrix, CGS Matrix Mixer, another Serge Programmer.

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