sequencer 10/2004

Update 6/10/2010 Have solved a few issues with the Milton that are worth mentioning.
It is fussy about which 4516 chip to use, Ken Stone mentions this issue on his page for the CGS Sequential Switch.
Motorola's 4516 does not work, Texas Instrument's does.

There are two errors on the PCB, this may not apply to all versions.
The connections to Pins 3&2 of U12 (TL074) need to be swapped. You will have to cut the tracks.

JM2 needs to be replaced with a SPST switch, one side of the switch to Pin6 of 4042, the other to ground. The design and build instructions would have the switch connect to +V and +V, not particularly useful.
Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance with this.

i really wanted a sequencer, all holes carefully alligned by my steady hand and terminator style eye mode.

found a rainy day special on pots

5 CV channels, 2 engines. A Milton and one based on Thomas Henry's superseq, CGS gate sequencer, EFMseq2.

dpdt switches allow 8 pulse outputs

back to pinky

kinda fits. thanks for the case bro. i have to stop using blue leds.

Ken Stone gave me a lot of help building this - cheers!

11/09 - just found the panel map after it has been missing for about 5 years.....had no idea which jack did what. its posted here so I always know where to look.