I had a DR-110 drum machine with a dead digital board (yes my fault) and a $3 record player that was too crappy to use as such.
So two days mucking around produced the TT-110 (TT = turntable) to a proof of concept stage.
It works, but not quite complete. It was easy to build trigger circuits for most of the sounds (1ms falling), but 'clap' requires three short pulses to one input, followed by a 4th to input #2.
Not too hard to do, but as much circuitry as required for the other 5 sounds combined.
There are only 5 microswitches, so cym, clap and accent are selected by the pot near the platter - only one can be used at a time.
The chunk of wood and two bolts holding up the microswitches are okay, but I would like to re-do this section to be sturdier and more adjustable.
The plastic pegs are crap and too light, will look for alternatives.
Only three speeds, 33, 45 & 78rpm, also the 240V motor produces a lot of EM noise. So will relace it with a smaller, adjustable motor.
Except for the noise problem, it sounds pretty good and is a lot easier to design drum loops than on the original DR-110.

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