TUBE SYNTH #3 2010

This is based on the Metasonix TS series. It will have two dual thyratron VCOs, two beam modulators, two pentode filter banks with incorporated VCAs.
Eventually it will get a Hellfire modulator as well. This synth is intended to be fully compatible with my solid state devices.
Eric Barbour kindly released the schematics for DIYers to enjoy, get over to CGS synth and peek into the TUBE section.
The PCBs are my own design (not for sale!)
As usual, the panels are recycled from old lab gear.

Have a listen! (file at Muff's)

moved into a bigger box, third panel is for the hellfire.

VCOs and filters all work. The beam modulators work but only in a very narrow range of the pot setting, will need to change some parts to widen this range.

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