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"Small DOS" November 1987, Commodore Magazine
     Shortcut Disk commands for the C64 and Vic-20
"TextSave" January 1988, Ahoy! Magazine
     Save and restore C128 40-column text screens
"IRQ Messenger" April 1988, Ahoy!
     Write a message on the screen every interrupt
"Window Dressing" July 1988, Ahoy!
     Enhancements for the C128 Window statement
"Modulation Wedge" July 1988, Commodore Magazine
     Interrupt-driven Pulse Width and Filter Cutoff modulation for the C64 and C128 SID
"Color Editor" September 1988, Ahoy!
     Change every occurrence of a color to a different color, in text or bit-map
"Screen Saver" December 1988, Ahoy!
     C64 version of TextSave
" Keep-80" February 1989, Transactor
     Save and restore C128 80-column screens
"Far-Sys" February 1989, Transactor
     Call machine language routines in C64 "hidden" memory
"RAMifications" April 1989, Transactor
     Thoughts on expanding C128 memory
"SuperNumbers III" June 1989, Transactor
     Indestructible, faster variables for Vic-20, C64 and C128 Basic
"Picture Conversion" September 1989, Commodore Magazine
     Load/Convert/Save different format bit-map graphics on the C128
"Escape Hatch" June 1990, RUN
     New Esc codes for the C128
"A Small Memory Expansion" September 1990, TwinCities 128, #28
     Widen C128 Color Memory from 4 bits to 8 (Hardware -- does not increase colors)
"Internal Function RAM" August 1991, TwinCities 128, #29
     Static RAM in a C128 ROM socket (Hardware)
"Expanding the C128" pts 1 & 2, TwinCities 128, #30, #31
     256K and 512K memory (Hardware)
"I.F.R. Revisited" TwinCities 128, #32
     V2.0 of Internal Function RAM
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