18/01/2007 decided I needed a synth to carry around with me or something. 3 panels - one is a SN-Voice PCB from the design of Thomas Henry and Scott Stites. Bill at sMs Electronics did the PCB - cheers! The panels were some kind of lab gear, they already had the windows and holes drilled in a circular layout.

12/09 The DR-110 digital board died, so it got shifted into the TT-110
The panel was rebuilt with the VOSIM, a Thomas Henry VCO, Buchla LPG clone and a CGS mini keyboard.
The panel nailed on top is just temporary, contains EN thru-0-VCO, TH QUO, Ian Fritz's dual TGTSH, jerkster and simple chaos, Korg triple Resonant filter, LFO, Mankato VCF and CGS tube VCA.

SN-Voice panel.
Joystick was originally from a Korg Delta, then lived in the Incubator for a year or so .... oh, the Incubator is dead, plundered for my next tube synth, more later.

This panel contains a CGS sequential switch. Instead of pots I used a rack of thumbwheel switches, these output the binary equivalent of the setting, plus it's complement. These outputs are fed into resistor divider networks and buffered to give a control voltage output.
There is also a CGS DC mixer and cloned Korg Resonator, circuit from RadioJunkBox and the new CGS tube VCA - using a 1AG5 tube, works fine with a couple of tweaks (suggested on Ken's page) to increase the gain.
This module is so much more than a VCA, a look at some of the 'scope pictures below will give some idea of what it does. In each picture, the upper waveform is the input, lower is the output.

This panel is an expanded DR110 drum machine, with most of the mods from Resonant Frequency's page plus a few others. This machine is now FUN to play

CGS tube VCA PCB with 1AG5 tube

All the pots, panels, wiring, op-amps, thumbwheel switches, knobs and power supply came from gear I dragged home from the dumpster outside the Physics Dept at my local uni.
The wood was scrap, the paint was mistint and free.