"Lunetta" - CMOS Synth Music Clips

These mp3's were created by recording the Lunetta 2.0 'self playing' and in real time. There is no overdubbing or manipulation of the instrument - with the exception of a few instances where I faded in or out various voices on the mixer.

The number in the title of the clip indicates the order they were created - the lower numbers were the earlier recordings.
I used some effects on many of the recordings - most often reverb from an Alesis Quadraverb. In several of the later clips I used my homebuilt drum machine (Quad BAss++) sequenced or clocked by the Lunetta. In one of the clips (Luna31, I think) I also used my CMOS Drone machine. Again, all in real time with no overdubs.

Luna7 Luna11 Luna13

Luna15 Luna17 Luna21

Luna25 Luna30 Luna31

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