1910-1919 - Technical Advances

... or ..can you say, "Armstrong"?


DeForest broadcasts Enrico Caruso from the stage of the Metropolitan


Young radio amateurs are building receivers with whatever parts are available. Although headphones can be purchased...many public telephone booths become inoperative.
Simple crystal SetWant to make one?


Edwin Armstrong invents regeneration.

E. ArmstrongArmstrong
"Edwin Armstrong found the radio telephone talking like a hair-lipped man and left it singing like a nightingale."

The ocean liner, "Titanic" hits an iceberg and sinks. The wireless distress call (63 k Wav spark transmitter) was heard 58 miles away by the liner "Carpathia". Those who made it into lifeboats were rescued 3 1/2 hours later. There were 705 lives saved.
Congress passes the Radio Act of 1912 to prevent amateur radio operators from interfering with government stations.
John H. Hammond, Jr. develops equipment to remotely control vessels by radio up to three miles away. Later, many of his patents were sold to the U.S. military for use in radio guidance in weapons delivery systems.


Armstrong applies for a patent to use a vacuum tube as an oscillator.
A station in Nauen, Germany begins broadcasting on 16,900 meters...or about 18 kilocycles (just above the range of hearing!) Station FL, broadcasting from the Eiffel tower begins broadcasting on 10,000 meters.


Hiram Percy Maxim founds the A.R.R.L. American Radio Relay League.
War breaks out in Europe, and Amateur licenses are suspended in almost all foreign countries.

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