1930-1939 - The Golden Age


The TRF, Tuned Radio Frequency receiver was still the leader, but many superhet receivers were being made.

This is the schematic for the Atwater Kent shown on the 1920's page.
Interest in Short Wave listening grows. Switches begin to replace plug in coils for changing bands.


RCA, The Radio Corporation of America markets the "Radiola 80", one of the most famous of all receivers.
The first 'midget' sets are sold.
The radio building boom has begun to wane...as most consumers are now purchasing complete sets, rather than kits.


AVC, or Automatic Volume Control was introduced.
The first auto radios are sold. (you still had to stop and put up a antenna.)
WFLA(AM)-WSUN(AM) in Clearwater, Fla., installs the country's first directional antenna.


Several Phonograph companies start labeling records "not licensed for radio broadcast" as move to protect their alleged property rights.

Musicaire I don't have any information on this company...but they are both nifty radios. They are battery powered, and I would place the tombstone model in the mid 30's, and the table radio in the 40's. As soon as I find some documentation I'll let you know...


Armstrong develops his theory to use FM.
'All-Wave' receivers are a hit this year, bringing in radio from foreign broadcasters.
WLW increases to a half million Watts of power.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is created by congress thru the "Communications Act".
Clarion This radio has front doors that hide the knobs and tuning dial. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, and I was very impressed with the layout and design of the chassis - it seemed to be very well thought out, and was a joy to work on. Very well made all around. Obviously, the picture does not do this radio justice. I apologize to Mr. Clarion...whoever he may be. ;)

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