1950-1959 - Coming of Age


People are talking about Transistors for the first time, saying they just might replace the tube.
4 million TV sets are in use in the U.S. on January 1st.
10 Million TV sets are in use by December 31st.
Some 90 million radio sets are in use in the United States - an average of 2 radios for every home in the nation.
Regular color television transmission begins.
The Korean War begins. Shortages begin to develop for receiving equipment.


108 TV stations are broadcasting.

Color TV and UHF TV are talked about everywhere.
Over 5 million auto radios are produced, and over 13 million other radio receivers..
Various conservation methods are used to get around shortages in manufacturing of radios and TV's.


The FCC's '3 month' freeze on new TV station applications, imposed in 1948, is finally lifted.
21 million US homes had TV sets.
Sony markets the miniature transistor radio.
10 thousand Transistors are manufactured, mostly for government and research.

Geoffrey W.A. Drummer proposes "electronic equipment in a solid block with no connecting wires..." - The integrated circuit.

CrosleyA little different style - but I bought this well before I started restoring radios. I was just looking for an AM radio that sounded good, and figured an older one might have some bandwidth. It did...but soon after I got it, stations were told to decrease bandwidth by the FCC. 'Hrumph!' :)
Maybe I only imagine I can hear the difference.
I had a Crosley kitchen stove with the exact same knobs on it in my last house...


326 TV stations are on the air.
Electronics looks like a good field to get in to.
The Voice of America steps up broadcasts to behind the 'Iron Curtain".


Magnetic tape is demonstrated for recording television pictures by RCA.
Transistors begin to see widespread use


Over 7 million Radio sets are produced. That number, although less than the peak of Radio production in 1947 climbs steadily through 1961 when over 11 million sets are made in the US.
IBM invents the computer 'Hard Drive'


Stereo Records reach the marketplace.

Telefunken 'Concerto' This is a great radio for listening...in fact, I have it in my office at the radio station to monitor the 'on-air' signal. Broadcast band, Long wave, Short-wave, Pre-Stereo FM. Woofers and Tweeters. Is this the illusive 'Hi-Fi Set'?

Hi-Fi Sound reproduction is a growing interest.


Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore develop a silicon integrated circuit using planar technology and diffused junctions.

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