1960's - Technology!


The manufacture of portable AM/FM or FM sets grows at 750 percent between 1960 and 1965.
The Tape Cart (Soon to become the 8-Track Tape) is introduced.
Echo I reflects radio signals back to Earth.


FM Stereo Broadcasting is authorized.
Commercial production of IC's is begun by several companies.


In an effort to produce color pictures on black and white sets, several manufacturers reportedly tint the CRT blue on top, and green on the bottom...
Portable AM receivers lead in production - over 5 1/2 million were made in 1962.
The satellite Telstar transmits video images across the Atlantic.


The E.B.S. - Emergency Broadcasting System is developed. "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. The broadcasters in your area..etc.. etc.....this concludes this test of the emergency broadcast system."

Cassette tape is introduced.
The first communications satellite is placed in geo-synchronous orbit.


Table and Clock radios are produced at over 3 million per year, a figure that holds steady from 1960 to 1965.
The FCC rules that AM-FM combo's must run different programs on the two stations at least half the time.
In defiance of the BBC's broadcasting monopoly, "Pirate radio ships" take to the seas. "Radio Atlantia" on 1495 and 1516 kc, and "Radio Coroline" on 1508 kc raise public discussions of commercial radio in Great Britain.


New Vacuum Tube receivers are almost non-existent as transistors have taken over the market.
All told, between 1922 and 1965, over 300 million radio receivers were manufactured in the United States.


Component Stereo equipment grows in popularity.


Dolby noise reduction is introduced.



Astronauts send the first live pictures and audio(102k Wav) from the moon.

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