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A lone figure hunched over a desk - intent on the challenge of locating just the right spot. The search for information from somewhere in the world, not knowing who or why...until He finds it. He works with parts purchased at the local supplier, scrounged, mail ordered, and carefully assembled.
His friend down the road has just bought a complete system...which was obsolete before it hit the shelves at the store. Technology is changing that fast.

The year was 1926 - over 70 years ago. He is working on his radio receiver - and like you, is one of those pioneers exploring and defining what the new media will become.

From its early theory, to a hobby for the 'techies' of the early 1900's - radio became our first mass medium - able to disseminate information instantly from one to many. It has been a technology that has influenced our growth as a nation, and planet. Radio changed the world!
The Internet - with all of its capabilities - is still in the defining years of its life - similar to the twenties of radio's growth. Its ultimate possibilities will only be realized when, like radio, individuals of vision drive the process.

These pages chronicle some of the events, inventions, and notable moments that made radio what it is today. With a quick study of this history, you may discover some interesting parallels between radio and the growth of the Internet.

A Brief History of Radio

Theory and First Experiments - Pre-1900
Early Inventions - 1900's
Technical Advances -1910
Broadcasting Begins - 1920's
The Golden Age - 1930's
The War Years - Growth - 1940's
Coming of Age - 1950's
Technology - 1960's
Micro - Processors - 1970's
00 01 10 11 100 101 - 1980's
Digital Broadcasting? - 1990's
Radio's Demise? - 2000 -
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My Radio/Net Thoughts
The Text File Only
Audio Page

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