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Here are some samplings from the history of radio that I have used on 'Surfing the Aether'.

You will find many of these same sound bites elswhere within this site, but I thought I would locate them in one spot for audio fans.
I would like to add more historic audio to my site, if you care to contribute any you may have. There are plenty of other sites where radio drama can be found, and so I have little desire to archive those, unless you have something exceptional.



The first recording - "Mary had a little lamb." 134K Wav

Date Unknown

Marconi speaks about radio. I have no idea what he's saying :)
...something about telegraph and the Atlantic....


November 2, 1920, Frank Conrad and Donald Little broadcast election returns ( 91 K Wav) not the actual broadcast, but an interesting re-creation)

Just a little radio song 250 K Wav


3 out of 4 families have a radio in the home. As for the rest?? 97 K Wav


The dirigible Hindenburg crashes in flames at Lakehurst, N.J. May 6th, 1937 - and the tragedy was captured in a live radio broadcast.185 K Wav


The power of radio is demonstrated by Orson Wells, and the "Mercury Theater of the Air" - Panic is reported to be widespread as people believe the earth has been invaded by "Martians", 263K Wav W of the Wrlds


The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. 40 K Wav FDR speaks to the nation.
That evening, Eleanor uses radio to speak to the women of the nation.


The Shadow knows... 142 K Wav


Germany makes use of short-wave radio for propaganda broadcasts. Lord Haw-Haw (180 K) Wav
Axis Sally (178 K) Wav


Lee Deforest grows increasingly unhappy with the state of broadcasting. To him, radio had become 'a stench in the nostril of the gods of the ionosphere.'
He addresses the National Association of Broadcasters at their annual meeting in Chicago. DeForest's 'Open Letter' 150 K Wav


Astronauts send the first live pictures and audio(102k Wav) from the moon.

Date Unknown

A couple of Station Id's - Pretty cool
WPGC (136 K) Wav
WFAN (179 K) Wav

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