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What can you tell me about the history of radio?

Sources from Dead Trees

"Behind the Front Panel"
David Rutland
ISBN 1-885391-00-5
Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 94-60507
This book is a guide to the circuits used in 1920 vintage radios, and some history behind their design.

National Radio-TV News Feb.-March 1954
"Romance of Radio and Television" John H. Battison
You probably won't find this...NRI produced this small magazine for their students. I got it in a box with old radio parts that I purchased from a neighbor.

"The Radio Collector's Directory and Price Guide"
Robert E. Grinder
ISBN 1-886606-06-4
Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 94-73783
An interesting book which has a lot of the early history of radio design and manufacturing. Primarily a price guide, there is lots of information on what you might expect to pay for old radios.

"Empire of the Air - The Men Who Made Radio"
Tom Lewis
ISBN 0-06-018215-6
This is also available on video as produced by PBS
ISBN 0-7936-0644-6
A great story about three men, Armstrong, DeForest and Sarnoff and their work in radio. The book is a great read, and the video features lots of footage from the early days of broadcasting.
The closing moments of the video by Ken Burns hold a hint of what's in his future... In Morse code, "Baseball next" :)

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